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Over the weekend I completed another apron for my youngest daughter.  I guess you could call it a smock as it wears like a hospital gown.  It was quite a simple project that came together quickly… until the bias tape.  This was my first time working with bias tape.  How hard could it be, right?  The first section I finished off was a piece of cake!  I was really excited at how easy it was and how polished my project looked.  As I read the directions (that is a post in itself) I was to take one long piece of tape and “outline” the entire apron with this piece.  Things were moving right along when I hit my first speed bump.  There was a major S-curve in the project and I couldn’t quite get the bias tape to mold and fit the shape.  I kept working and working with the tape and finally got things matched up to my liking.  I began sewing the tape to my project and felt I was doing a good job.  I picked up my finished project for final inspection and found a few places on the S-curve didn’t get sewn into the tape, thus leaving me with a hole (if that makes any sense).  A little stitch-witchery and the hole was fixed 🙂  A few more speedbumps and my project was complete. 

Overall I enjoyed this project.  I have not sworn off bias tape. 🙂  In fact, now that I have used it, I feel more prepared for my next bias tape project.  I am finding that the best lessons learned are from mistakes made along the way.



Posted on: November 21, 2010

I had an Ah-Ha moment this evening.  I saw something that inspired me and I am beyond excited to try and sew my own!

I have one messy eater in my 16 month old.  She has been since day one.  As she is not a fan of bibs (she always rips them off), I have tried and tried to come up with something to keep her clean.  I am in the process of making her an apron, hoping that will work. 

However, I saw the “perfect” bib tonight.  It was truly and Ah-Ha moment and I can’t wait to try my hand at making my own pattern and sewing my own “perfect” bib 🙂

Making my own pattern…..hmmmmm…..let the adventure begin!

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A ballet bag – that is what inspired me to try my hand at sewing.  All I wanted was a simple bag for my daughter to keep her ballet slippers in. 

I have never considered myself to be a “crafty” person or an artist in any way, but I try.  While browsing at my local fabric/craft store, I looked into the sewing classes they offered.  I also found out that they offered the classes at 50% off the published price if you signed up during one of their “open houses”.  I signed up for 2 classes; absolute beginner & a class called “Lazy Pants”.

Absolute beginner was just that – machine features, threading the machine, stitching styles and tour of the fabric floor.  It was perfect considering I hadn’t touched a sewing machine since the 7th grade (long, long ago)

Next up, Lazy Pants….let the adventure begin 🙂

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