My Adventures in Sewing

Good afternoon all!

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Good afternoon all!  As I promised (myself as well) here is my post for the week.  We are on Spring Break this week, so we are undertaking a bit of Spring Cleaning – and yes, I’m still looking for my camera cord. 😦

My oldest daughter received a great give for her brithday, a sew it yourself Build-a Bear.  The holes are pre-punched, which makes it very easy for her to sew.  We have been working on that a bit every day.

Each day I do check my favorite blogs and have really been noticing how many of you are what I would consider professional.  WOW!  All of you have such creative talent!  I was immediately inclined to compare myself and my “newbie-ness” to sewing.  However, I reminded myself that I have never considered myself to be a crafty person, but I try, and I’m usually pleasantly surprised.  Everyone was a newbie once 🙂  With that said, I am beginning to work on my pay it forward projects.   While my projects may be on the simple side, I do take pride in my work and I am happy with my finished project….and that’s really all one can ask for 🙂

Have a great week everyone!


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