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WOW! Has it been that long?

Posted on: April 10, 2011

Good morning all!  It’s early here on the west coast, well, it’s almost 7:00 AM.  However, I’ve been up for a while.  Long night of no sleep & my little one was up at 5:30 AM. 

I was a long, long, looonnngggg day yesterday & I’m still stressed out about it.  Not good.  So, this morning as I eat my healthy Quaker oatmeal & sip on a hot cup of coffee, I felt the urge to check on my blog.  WOW!  Has it been that long since my last post?  My apologies to the few followers I do have.  I need to find a spot once a week (in my already full calendar) to touch base with everyone. 

I did recently complete a project…and I LOVE IT!  It’s a fabulous messenger/hobo bag I made for my oldest daughter.  A pink denim outer shell & strap with a yellow sparkle lining which has pink & blue & purple butterflies & dragonflies.  I must say I was pretty proud of myself!  I even busted out the Cricut & cut her name out of the yellow fabric to iron on the front (I haven’t attempted applique yet and I didn’t want to ruin my project – maybe next time).  I found the pattern here @ Simply Modern Mom and made a few changes to the strap and outside decor. 

I will post a pic — my next project is to find my camera cord so I can download the pictures into my computer.  🙂   

Well, there is a lot to do today (isn’t there always?) and part of my morning includes reading through some of my favorite blogs. 

Have a great day everyone & I will post again next week!

p.s.  I also found a project for my Pay It Forward gift.   So, for those of you who are my Pay It Forward winners, be on the look out 🙂


1 Response to "WOW! Has it been that long?"

Was it hard to cut out the letters with fabric and the Cricut? I’ve never tried to do that before, but think about it! Applique is not too hard–you could figure it out with a scrap piece of fabric, I bet. 🙂

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